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The Rooted Moms Podcast connects scripture to real mom life. Mom life is complicated but growing in your faith doesn’t have to be. Each episode, we’ll take a look at a common struggle we all face and hold it up to the light of the truth of God’s Word. Rooted Moms Ministries provides practical tools, community, and encouragement that help moms become rooted in Christ so that they may thrive in every season of life. Learn more at

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Monday Apr 29, 2024

In this touching episode, Alexa Gearhart opens up about her personal journey through grief, a topic that deeply resonates with all of us. Alexa shares her emotional story of losing her baby just days before his due date, and offers encouragement to others facing grief. 
Together we’ll learn:
 How to find comfort and strength in God during moments of immense sorrow
 How Jesus' suffering can guide us through grief and trials
 The nuances of grieving within a marriage and how to access faith-based support resources
 How to support loved ones who may be facing grief
To all moms facing grief, we pray this episode brings you comfort and guidance along your journey.
About Alexa Gearhart: Alexa resides in North Carolina with her husband of ten years, Brad, and their three daughters. As a work-from-home, homeschooling mom, she also serves as the Rooted Kids Director at Rooted Moms. Alexa is actively engaged in their church community and the ministry of Camp Duncan. In addition to her various roles, she is the founder of Even In The Valley, a ministry supporting families through infant loss.

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Join us for Episode 6, Season 2 of the Rooted Mom’s podcast where we talk about a topic that relates to us ALL: waiting!
What do we do in seasons of waiting? How do we wait well?
This month’s special guest, Lonette Baity, helps us unpack this compelling topic with insights such as:
How to nurture our hearts during seasons of challenge and suffering
How to embrace God in moments of despair and
How to connect with God when quiet time isn’t always quiet as a mom
Mama, if any of these topics strike a chord, then this episode is made for you. So open up your heart and dive into this must-listen episode!
Lonette Baity is a devoted wife, mother of four incredible children, thoughtful writer, and author of Waiting Well: Caring for your Heart. Get to know Lonette at her website:

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Mamas, we all know our kids come to us first with allllllll the questions. Be ready for those hard-hitting faith inquiries with this must-listen episode! Join us for Season 2 Episode 5 of the Rooted Mom’s podcast where we chat with Hillary Morgan Ferrer, the visionary behind Mama Bear Apologetics.
In this episode we learn:
The significance of apologetics
How to use the "ROAR" method to help our kids decipher the truth when confronted with cultural messages
Practical strategies to strengthen faith in our families via dialogue, mentorship, and prayer
Don't miss the chance to equip your kids with faith and discernment! Listen now and visit for show notes and more.

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

As Christian parents, we are charged with the important mission of raising our children to be Christ-followers. While leading them in spiritual practices such as Bible reading, Church-going, and prayer may seem simple and straightforward, it can feel trickier when it comes to teaching them to hear and follow the Holy Spirit.
If you’ve ever felt this way, join us for season 2, episode 4 of The Rooted Moms Podcast with special guest Seth Dahl, where he uncomplicates how to raise spirit-led kids! Seth Dahl is a speaker and author of “Raising Spirit-Led Kids: Guiding Kids to Walk Naturally in the Supernatural.”
Together we’ll learn…
How to create a culture of faith in your home
Why it’s important to stay a novice (not become an expert) when it comes to parenting
How to nurture your child’s God-given spiritual gifts
and so much more!

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

On Nurturing Spiritual Growth through Biblical Fasting
Join us for episode 3, season 2 of the Rooted Moms Podcast where we’re talking about the “F” word - That’s right…. FASTING!
Don’t miss this conversation with Katie Gibson, founder and executive director of Rooted Moms, where together we’ll unpack the basics of fasting such as…
What is the purpose of biblical fasting?
Is one type of fast better than another?
How do I navigate the specific challenges of fasting as a mom?
If you grew up feeling like fasting was only for the “spiritual elite” or wondered how biblical fasting is any different than fasting for health, then this episode is for YOU!

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Greg and Susan Finke believe that joining Jesus as a family is simpler than you think and a lot more FUN! Join us for episode 2 of our second season of the Rooted Moms podcast for a conversation you are NOT going to want to miss.
If you’ve ever…
Wondered whether you are even qualified to disciple your children
Become frustrated while attempting to lead your child in faith practices like reading the Bible or praying
Questioned whether it’s too late to lead your pre-teen or teen to live life on mission for Christ
Then this episode is for YOU!
Together Greg and Susan will unpack Jesus' simple discipling method and how we can apply it to our families’ everyday lives. We know you will leave feeling encouraged and equipped to carry out your God-given mission as a parent.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

How does God ignite a movement? How do we carry that movement out?
Join us for a special message from author and speaker, Megan McTeer, as she unpacks the answer to those questions straight from God’s Word!
Together we’ll learn:
The blueprint of how God ignites His people
How the Holy Spirit equips us with everything we need to carry out His mission
How our families can become a light in this dark world
This episode was recorded live at our Ignite Benefit dinner on September 8th, 2023 in Kennesaw, Georgia. Thank you to our incredible team, volunteers, and attendees who made the evening one to remember.

Moms Are Theologians Too

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Join us for our final episode of season one of The Rooted Moms Podcast. Today we’re talking with Jenny Randle and Brayden Brookshier, authors of Flash Theology: A Visual Guide to Knowing and Enjoying God More.
​In this episode, Jenny and Brayden share snippets from their newly released book, while coaching and encouraging parents to be the theological leaders of the home.
Together we’ll explore:
How theology is for everyone— especially Moms and Dads!
How, we as parents, can strengthen our theological understanding
How we can use the world around us as a “classroom” for teaching our children about God, just like Jesus did
And more!
For links to listen on your favorite podcast platform, show notes, and more visit
Follow along with Jenny and Brayden at @jenny.randle and @braydenbrookshier or at their websites and
Purchase “Flash Theology: A Visual Guide to Knowing and Enjoying God more” wherever books are sold.
Guest Bios:
Authors Brayden Rockne Brookshier and Jenny Randle are friends as well as family who love discussing theological concepts. For over ten years, they’ve both served in ministry leadership, developing resources that merge gospel-centered truths with practical application. Their conversations and collective strengths have led to the development of theology resources that help their global church family thrive. For more info visit
From Hollywood to a small island in Florida, Jenny Randle's creative ventures over the last twenty years have reached millions. She is the cohost of a top-ranked podcast, the author of numerous books, and a wife, mom, Emmy®-award-winning editor, speaker, and ministry leader. Jenny is currently working toward a master's in theology at Asbury Theological Seminary.
Brayden Brookshier serves on the teaching team at Newbreak Church, San Diego. With a master’s in New Testament and a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, Brayden is the author of A Resurrected Cosmos and teaches biblical Greek at Horizon University. Although he is a pastor and theologian, Brayden’s favorite titles are husband and “Dada.”

Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

Join is for Episode 6 of the Rooted Moms Podcast on inviting God into your marriage with guests Josh and Brenna Kurz.
In today's special episode, Josh and Brenna share their testimony about how God has changed their marriage and brought them closer together on their journey to becoming more deeply rooted in Him, both individually and as a couple.
Josh opens up about his battle with addiction and shares how he came to a point of surrender.
Brenna reminds us about the power of praying for our spouse.
Together they share their take on finding and staying at a church that fits your unique family.

Monday Dec 26, 2022

Join us for Episode 5 of The Rooted Moms Podcast on setting and keeping spiritual growth goals for the new year with special guest, Katie Gibson. In today’s episode, we explore—
What are spiritual growth goalsl, and why are they important?
How do we manage the tension of striving vs. abiding when setting and keeping these goals?
How do we keep our spiritual growth goal from becoming just another unkept resolution?
And more!
For links to listen on your favorite podcast platform,  show notes, and more visit
Katie Gibson is the founder and executive director of Rooted Moms Ministries. She and her husband, Craig, have been married for 15 years and live in North Atlanta with their three kids. Katie is a writer and author, and enjoys reading, date nights, and watching the Atlanta Braves. She is passionate about teaching the truth of God’s Word in a practical and encouraging way that helps others experience the abundant life Jesus promised.


About Rooted Moms

Rooted Moms is a non-profit non-denominational Christian ministry that exists to help moms thrive in every season of life by becoming rooted in Christ (Colossians 2:7), growing in God’s Word (Psalm 1:1-3), and gathering in life-giving community (Hebrews 10:24-25). 

We provide free resources, community, and encouragement that help moms grow in their relationship with Christ, and more fully experience a life of fulfillment and freedom in Him.

Our operations team is made up of moms who desire to share what we’ve experienced— the life-changing power of being rooted in Jesus. We believe the abundant life we long for is achieved not by striving harder, but by abiding more deeply in Christ. We believe the influence of a mom cannot be overstated— when we invest in spiritually strong moms, we reap spiritually strong marriages, families, churches, and communities.

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